August 12, 2022

Great Maid

Everyone loves a spotless home. However, maintaining your home can be challenging if you don’t have hours to spend cleaning every day. Having excellent maid services can help you overcome this challenge easily. They keep your home clean and save valuable time for doing the things you love. However, finding great home maid services can be tricky. 

Here are the qualities that you should look for in a maid. 

Trained and professional

Any maid’s first quality is the skills and training to clean and maintain your home. They should know how to use various types of house cleaning equipment. They should have the right cleaning products for multiple surfaces, learn about belongings such as rugs, carpets, couches, and ovens, and how to clean them. 

Detail oriented

Attention to detail is an excellent quality in any individual, but it is essential for a maid. They should not miss any hidden spots or stains on your surfaces and floors. They should also be able to understand your specific needs and cater to them. 


If the cleaning was easy or quick, you could do it yourself. But it isn’t, and you need someone who can work hard for hours to clean each room, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas meticulously. Therefore, you must hire someone with the grit and patience to get the job done.

Someone who loves their job

Cleaning can get exhausting and tedious after a point for a lot of people. You are bound to get sloppy then. Several items in your home would need great care when being cleaned, such as antique furniture, rugs, and other breakable items. Ensure that the maid you hire loves what they do and is careful with your belongings and time. 

Trustworthy and honest

When you hire a maid service, you trust them with your home and valuable possessions. Sometimes, you would not even be home when they clean your house. That’s why you must hire someone you trust. When looking for a maid service, ask for references from friends and family. Don’t forget to check their reviews and listen to your instincts when selecting a maid service. 

Organizing skills

Sometimes cleaning a home requires more than mopping and vacuuming your home. You must set things in the right place and organize the closets to make the home look clean. You need to ask what services the maid company offers and whether they will go above and beyond to clean your home. 

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J’s Maids should be your one-stop destination if you are looking for reliable and affordable maid services. Serving residents since 1996, J’s Maids has professionally trained maids who are experts at what they do. We use high-quality Green Seal-certified products along with professional brands to ensure that we clean your home with environment-friendly and safe products. Reach out to us at (818) 248-2001 for any questions about maid service in Glendale, CA, or fill out our online contact form to get a free estimate today.

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