September 23, 2022

Cleaning Houses

A clean home is a healthy home. However, ensuring your home remains impeccably clean isn’t an easy task. Most homeowners spend much of their free time cleaning and maintaining their homes. However, professional home maid services like J’s Maids know how you can clean it quickly and efficiently. Using the tried and tested cleaning methods can help reduce the labor and time consumed in cleaning. 

Here are some expert house cleaning tips that can make your job easier. 

Mirco-fiber clothes are a must-have

The tools you use for cleaning play a vital role in the final results and the time you take for cleaning. When cleaning your surfaces, you would always opt for microfiber towels and clothes as they are more effective than sponges and paper towels. Another benefit is that they can efficiently remove bacteria from the surfaces, and you can always wash and reuse them several times. 

Keep a caddy of cleaning supplies ready

The key to efficient cleaning is staying organized. Having a caddy filled with all the essential cleaning supplies, such as cleaning clothes, cleaning solutions, and mops makes it easier to focus on the actual cleaning rather than wasting your time looking for supplies each time you move to another room. 

Clean the frequently used areas frequently

No one can deep clean their home every day. Instead, opt for cleaning highly-frequented areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms at least two or three times a week. Deep clean the less frequented areas every two weeks.

Don’t overlook the hidden spots

When you are used to cleaning the most visible and frequented areas, it is common to miss out on the hidden spots in your home. When you do a deep clean, ensure that you don’t overlook these spots. Clean under the sinks and toilet in your bathroom. Wipe off the mirror and faucets to ensure everything is spotlessly clean. When cleaning rooms, move the furniture to clean under them and use baking soda and vinegar solution to wipe the surfaces. 

Use the right tools and cleaners

For your cleaning routine to be effective, using the right tools and cleaners is essential. Have a good quality vacuum cleaner to remove dust from your rugs, carpets, and upholstery. Use suitable cleaning materials for each surface, as harsh chemicals can damage your delicate wooden surface or marble countertops. 

Clean the whole house

The idea of tackling one room at a time when mopping or vacuuming will make the process more time-consuming. Instead, vacuum the whole house in one go. Also, don’t forget to remove the clutter as you clean. 

Cleaning takes time and effort, and you may not be able to do so in your hectic schedule. However, don’t let that stop you from having a clean house. Call J’s Maids to clean your home whenever you want. We offer quick, efficient, and cost-effective residential & commercial cleaning services to keep your house shining and spotless. 

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